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Prizes of Ephraim Kishon


Israeli Nordau Prize for Literature



Israeli Sokolov Prize for outstanding  journalistic work



Three Israeli Kinor David Prizes for the film "Sallah ":

- Best Script

- Best actress

- Best actor


Nomination of "Sallah" for the Academy Award, Hollywood; as best foreign film


Two Golden Gates at the international  Film Festival, San Francisco, for "Sallah":

- Best script

- Beste acting work



Two Golden Globes, Hollywood for "Sallah":

- outstanding foreign film 1964

- Best acting work


American Distributors`First Prize for "Sallah":

- Best foreign direction



Viennale award of the Festival of Gaiety for "Sallah"


Special Medallion of the Bulgarian writers association, Sofia



XI. Semena International de Cine en Color for the film "The Big Dig"

Outstanding foreign film

Nomination of "The Big Dig" for the Golden Globe, Hollywood:

- Best foreign film


Lady with Umbrella prize - Award of the International Film Festival for "The Big Dig", Barcelona 



Prize of the Israeli Broadcasting for the radio play " The Last Angry Kick


Israeli Herzl Prize for Literature


Israeli Jabotinsky Prize for the book "Sorry we won" and "Woe to the Victors!"



Mention special de la critique international für "The Big Dig" at the Festival International de Television, Monte Carlo


XIII. Semena International de Cine en Color Prize for "The Police man":

- outstanding foreign film

Israeli Kinor David Prize for "The Police man":

- Best actor



Golden Globe, Hollywood, for "The Police man":

- outstanding foreign film

Nomination of "The Police man" for the Academy Award, Hollywood:

- Best foreign film


Cine del Duca Award of the Festival International de Television, Monte Carlo, for "The Police man":

- Best Production


Gold-Medal of the International Film Festival, Atlanta, für "The Police man" 


Lady with Umbrella prize, Award of the International Film Festival für "The Police man"; Barcelona 



Das Goldene dtv- Taschenbuch for a Million sold  paperback of the title "Look back, Mrs Lot!"



Doctor Humoris Causa, Carneval Mainz



Order Wider den tierischen Ernst, Aachen



Prize of the President of the University Tel Aviv



Till Eugenspiegel Prize, Hamburg



Recherche de la Qualite Ordre de St. Fortunat for literary work, Mainz


The Noble Prize of the Association for the Promotion of Humour in International Affairs, "Aphia", Paris



International Scientific Community Prize in Humorology for his contribution to the Word humor at the Fourth International Congress of Humor, Tel Aviv 


Yocheved Neumann Prize, Jerusalem, for literary work


Die Goldene Kamera, Berlin, for outstanding TV-films


Shalom Aleichem Literary Prize, Tel Aviv



Karl Valentin Prize, München



Euro Culinaria Medaille Prize of the Order Cordon bleu de Saint Esprit for literary work


Das Goldene Schlitzohr, Mülheim, for spreading the humor


Prize of the President of the University Tel Aviv (not quite sure)



Doctor Humoris Causa, Carnevaluniversity Saarbrücken "Grünschnäbel"


Doctor Philosophiae Honoris Causa 1989, Universitty Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv Municipality Prize



Bundesverdienstkreuz first class, Bonn


OSCAR of the Israeli Film Academy, Tel Aviv, for his life's work



Austrian Art - and Literature prize first class, Vienna



Literary Great Prize of Hungary, Budapest



Bialekpreis - Literature prize, Jerusalem

Hungarian States prize for Literature, Budapest


Israel Prize, for his life work (the most important prize granted in Israel)