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Photos of Ephraim Kishon and his family

Ephraim Kishon
Ephraim Kishon
Ephraim Kishon
Ephraim Kishon
Ephraim Kishon
Ephraim Kishon
Ephraim Kishon
Ephraim Kishon
Ephraim Kishon
Ephraim Kishon and family
Ephraim Kishon with his family - from left to right: Dr. Amir Kishon; with his wife Ronit; Sara, "the best of all wives"; Ephraim, Renana, Dr. Rafael Kishon with his wife Orit.
Renana, Rafi, und Amir Kishon
Ephraim's children as we know them from his stories.
Renana Kishon
Renana at Zahal


Rafi Kishon
Rafi with Uzi
Ephraim und Renana Kishon
Ephraim Kishon in his office with Renana - source for many satires.
Kishon and sports
Kishon playing chess
Kishon playing chess. He created his own chess-computer - the Kishon-Chesster.
Kishon Pool
For this game Ephraim tried to spend all the heir of his children.
Kishon playing chess
Ephraim Kishon loved playing chess. Knowing this game saved his life during the holocaust, when he played against the commander of his camp. Here you can see him playing with the world-champion Gari Kasparow.
Kishon Oscar
Ephraim Kishon at the Academy Awards, nominated was »The Policeman« (»Sallach« was the other movie that was nominated for the Oscar)
Kishon sigiert
Ephraim Kishon signing books.
Kishon und Schwester im Wald der Gerechten
Ephraim and his sister Agnes plant a tree in the Yad Vashem Garden of the Righteous in Jerusalem.
Early Years
Ephraim Kishon Kibbuz
When Ephraim Kishon immigrated to Israel he lived for some years in a Kibbuz. He had to take water with these horses before he started a promising career as a latrine cleaner...
Ephraim Kishon alias Stanko Andras
Andras Stanko was his name when he had to hide from the Nazis.
Ephraim Kishon mit seinem Motorrad Kaltenbrunner
Here with his beloved motorbike "Dr. Kaltenbrunner". Both the bike and the Nazi were "made in Austria".



All B&W-pictures in: Nichts zu Lachen (autobiography)